Megha Makam

Megha is a PhD candidate in the Biology department at Stanford University. She has also been practicing capoeira with Mestre Beiçola (Capoeira Narahari )since 2008.

“The link between music and movement has always intrigued me, and capoeira is a perfect example of an art form where there is an ambiguous but undeniable link between the two. I wanted to dig into that mystery by through understanding the experience of students and teachers playing capoeira to music. This investigation shed light on a bigger insight;  the interactions between players is the key to the universal appeal of capoeira, and music plays a role within that. The conversation and connection between players that is achieved during a roda (capoeira event) is an unparalleled feeling, for myself and my fellow capoeiristas. I hope to further explore that topic both ethnographically and through other types of research methods.”

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