Danielle Collado

Danielle Collado, a native Texan, is currently a junior at Stanford University. She is studying Human Biology with a concentration in Human Physiology and Disease as well as studying for a Minor in Music. She has been playing the viola for eleven years and performs with the Stanford Symphony Orchestra. She has toured with both the Stanford Symphony Orchestra and the Stanford Philharmonic Orchestra in Germany, Czech Republic, and Austria. After Stanford, she hopes to realize her dreams of becoming a surgeon while continuing to play in a local orchestra.

“I originally took ‘Music Ethnography of the Bay Area’ because it fulfilled a requirement for my Music Minor. After having taken the course, I would easily recommend it to anyone interested in the intersection of culture and music. I have learned so much about different genres of music and music in the Bay Area, as well as my own musicianship through the course; it has done more than fulfill a simple requirement. I chose the Afro-Cuban Jazz Cartel because, as a classical musician, jazz is pretty far out of my comfort zone and I wanted to learn more about the group. I had the wonderful opportunity of getting to know the group leader and percussionist, Brian Andres, as he showed me how to appreciate the rich sounds and culture of Afro-Cuban Jazz.”

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