Rave Event : 2012 – I Love This City

Imagine feeling the very ground beneath you shake from the sheer power surging out of a colossal army of giant sound systems. “Whoa”, you utter to yourself, as you shift your focus from the floor up toward the stage. You freeze for an instant, momentarily blinded by an ethereal glow. Squinting, you see superimposed behind a booth is the artist–an architect, as well as a liaison between the imagined and the real. You are not familiar with the name of the song, but the infectious beat is soon to be imprinted unto your mind and your body. Surveying the panorama below the stage, you see hundreds, maybe even thousands of faces. Looking over your shoulder, you see some faces illuminated by celestial projections, lasers and strobe lights. Looking in front of you, you see others who are silhouetted against the bright lights. Lowering your gaze below eye-level, all you see are fervent bodies. Everyone moves freely to the hypnotic beat as the sound waves start to intoxicate the air like an airborne contagion. And before you know it, it starts to happen to you. You too start to join in on the chaos. You too become engulfed in the all-encompassing techno soundscape. You too become more aware of everything around you and at the same time you let everything go. Now you are all one in the dance… and you are right in the middle of it. This is not your average concert. Unlike a concert, you aren’t simply watching a performance. You become the performance. This is a rave, and this is exactly what I recently experienced during my weekend at I Love This City on May 25th, 2012.


Researcher – Amber Goboy

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